February 4:
The two gigs we was going to do in Italy has been cancelled, but we have a new in Sweden confirmed 22 of August we will play at Rasslepunkrock festval.

October 20:
New gig has been confirmed the 10 of November we will be playing at Bageriet in Östersund, Sweden.

August 17:
At last, the new record has arrived today on cd, so now all of you who was interested in getting your copy of  "RED LIGHT DISTRICT" on cd, send us an e-mail and we tell you how to do that, the cd contains some extra, to be exact 4 more songs.

Mars 25:
2 gigs coming up, one in Sweden and the other one in Norway. And thank's Germany for the lovely days there.

February 20:
Lp "RED LIGHT DISTRICT" released in December and two gigs on in Germany in March.

December 13:
New reviews of  "RED LIGHT DISTRICT" in the review section.

November 10:
Now things are happening, the songs are done, the artwork to the cover is done and send to the German label STURMGEBRUS that is going to release this full lenght record. The new record is going to be called "RED LIGHT DISTRICT" and it will be on a 12" vinyl for a start. The record is at this moment att the "pressewerk" so soon baby soon it will apear.

August 22:
Well folks, some more pictures from second night in Germany in Deutschland 2006, more new for the moment are that Glue has some new stuff on it's way to be released, this time for a start at 12" vinyl on a German Label. The songs are recorded and the only thing that remains is the final touch of the sound. So this autumn folks it's going to get out on the market.

June 10:
Updated with some more pictures from Germany in the Deutschland 2006, and some more old pictures in the photosection.
If you have any old or new indecent pictures of Glue playing, well go ahead and send us a e-mail and we can put it out on the page.

June 5:
Back from Germany, it has been some great days, good people, good gigs, good stay and a hell of a lot of fun.
Se some more about it in the new link called Deutschland 2006, there are some pictures and some words about it going to show up.
And can't say it to much, thank's Germany

May 27
While visiting Eskilstuna at a gig the Headband for th evening went out of starting act, 3/4 of the lads from Sniffing Glue
was there for checking out the gig and was asked if they could jump in, so they did borrow some
instruments from the band and played a little unannounced surprise streetpunk gig.

April 06:
Ok, some gig dates are in on the gig page...going to Germany . part II

Mar 23:
Ok, some gig dates are in on the gig page...going to Germany

Nov 20:
Well, NEW T-shirts in , so go to MERCH an order your....!

Check out the new guestbook too..... =)

Sept 24:
Well, T-shirts SOLD OUT for the moment....!

Mar 2:
Well, 20 songs ready to hit the streets, just looking for the right place to release them......we'll tell you where of course.
And a comp where Sniffing Glue has some songs on are also on to the record stores...and that we'll also tell you when. Stay punk out there !!!

Dec 15:
For you punks out there , Sniffing Glue are for the moment in a studio and recording some tunes, what comes out of there..........

Dec 03:
A couple of reviews are up and out for you all.hmm !
For all that can read swedish that is.
Click yourself too gig page OR record page and then the Review's.

Nov 23:
A gig is on in dec, Sniffing Glue is coming to the punkrocking town of Mora...

Sept 23:
Some new photos is up on the photo page.

July 02:
A gig in the town Sundsvall is booked.

June 15:
NEW GUITARIST ! "Benny" from Julie Laughs No More is the new member of Sniffing Glue and he will rock your boots of....!

June 09:
More for all the "fans" there is an (italian) review for Omnia Faeces CD up on the page from the rock explosion fanzine....... !

June 02:
For all the "fans" there are some realy "nice" pictures up on the page from the 2004 tour.......
Check it out on photo page.

May 27:
Another lost of a member in Sniffing Glue !
Leppe is giving up.

May 9:
Now you can buy a tshirt with a real cool skull, Yeah ! and the name of the band you love the most of course. MERCH-Page..
A new drummer "Puncc" is prepared for the gigs, our former drummer "Jarsen" left us so he can concentrate on his other band Sonic Barrels

April 26:
We're booked for a gig at Midsommarpunken, a festival in Nyköping 25-26/6

April 25:
Another gig is on...Uppsala 28/5.

April 16:
More gigs , !? Sundsvall May 14 , at a 14 hours festival. See YA'

April 1:
NO OI Fuckin' No it's not a Joke, Sniffing Glue are going to Sundsvall to play some hard punkrock May 29.

March 8:
Sniffing Glue are going in studio to record a couple of new songs so that we can please our music hungry loving fans...! SO watch out it may be so that Sniffing Glue is making another cd or some thing like that.. you better be ready to pogo !

March 7:
The site has a new look so check it out !!